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Lessons from the road – this much we know.

Lessons from the road – this much we know.

Lessons from the road – this much we know.

In case you are wondering, yes this used to be my music web site. It will be again… but for now, it is my privilege to be president of Bay of Quinte conference until the end of April, 2018… so I’m using the resources I have to do the best job I can.

My theme this year is “This much we know.” This is a time of unprecedented change in the United Church of Canada, and it can feel like we really don’t know much at all, with so much uncertainty! But I’m planning to travel across the conference and visit you, whether at a presbytery meeting, a UCW meeting, church anniversary… when I can, I want to hear about the things you DO know. The things that will never change about God’s work in your life and community… never change, no matter how the church structures change around us.

One of my personal goals over the next few months is to visit each presbytery and gather stories about church in your part of the world. What you love, what has defined mission for you, what you look forward to. At next year’s annual meeting in Napanee (April 27, 28 and 29) local musicians will debut a new song dedicated to each body within our conference – so make sure you attend presbytery when I visit, and you can have a hand in shaping the music that describes your area!

This is the fun work of being president. Working with all the incredibly talented poets, musicians in our area… While we gather our stories together and celebrate all God has called us to be, we are also planning into a future that may or may not include regions and clusters (read about the remit results here). All this planning is contingent on a supportive vote at next year’s General Council in Oshawa. Did I mention uncertain times? Read about the work of the boundaries commission here.

Confused? It’s OK – so are many of us. We are going to work together, support each other, figure out how to stay connected as Christ’s church in our time and place. As ideas come forward I will share them in my blog, in my visits, and hopefully in a more formal way when appropriate.

Here is my schedule so far – hope to see you at one of these events! In the meantime the blogs will hopefully keep you up to date on conference business, what people are saying as we visit and wonder about the possible new direction of our church.

Yours in Christ,


2017 dates

September 19 – Upper Valley Presbytery, Chalk River

October 22 – St Paul’s United 120th Anniversary service, Bancroft

November 1 – Shining Waters Presbytery, Harmony U.C., Springville

November 3,4,5 – Youth Fall Retreat, Grace U.C., Napanee

November 15 – Four Winds Presbytery, location tba

November 21 – Four Rivers Presbytery, Toledo

2018 dates

January 16 – Bay of Quinte UCW, Madoc
– Lakeridge Presbytery, location tba

March 3 – Hills and Shores Presbytery, location tba

March 6 – Shining Waters UCW, Lakefield U.C., tentative booking

April 27, 28 & 29 – Conference Annual Meeting, various churches in Napanee


12 thoughts on “Lessons from the road – this much we know.

  1. stella Kokoros

    You definitely have a song! My heart is in my mouth…Wanda, what a beautiful CD. Your lyrics, voice & melodies, move me to a higher level of feeling and loving. Thank you for this treasure of a CD.

  2. Robert Hargrave

    Hi Wanda,
    Got an opportunity to listen to your cd tonight…. EXCELLENT!
    Really enjoyed the music…. have put a request to mom to pick up a copy.
    Up to visit mom in prep for the Bday party on Sat….
    Congratulations on a great job….. Look forward to hearing more.
    All the best
    Robert Hargrave

    1. wanda_admin Post author

      Robert I just got this message now – I’m so sorry I missed you at the birthday party – and THANK YOU for your kind comments about the music. Means a lot coming from you!

  3. Leo

    Wow!! Your music really takes me to a happy place! Beautiful music and beautiful voice! Re-listening to the CD right now and loving it.

    Leo from the Open Mic.

    1. wanda_admin Post author

      Wow Thanks Leon – Glad you are enjoying it!! Loved your music too – inspiring playing. Makes me want to practice more:)

  4. Elizabeth Cunningham

    What a rejuvenating CD Wanda – beautiful words, enticing melodies – and all song with your ‘everything’ voice. Your voice can soar, your voice can so poignantly break, your voice can be supple, your voice can be heart-rending. What a gift you have! Thank you for sharing it with us!

  5. Ian Smith

    Hi Wanda,

    Robert Hargrave and I go back quite a few years. Our kids were in school together and I am the minister at the church Robert attends and where he graces us with his flute playing on most Sundays.

    Today, he sent me a link to your website and your story on the UCW website. I had a chance to hear a few of your songs on your YouTube channel and I enjoyed what I heard.

    On my tablet, the links to both Blue Heron Books and CD Baby do not want to connect, so I’ll try again from my home or office PC.

    Best wishes on your congregational and music ministries!

    Ian Smith
    Ste-Geneviève United Church
    Dollard-des-Ormeaux, QC

    1. wanda_admin Post author

      Dear Ian
      Thank you for contacting me!! The Blue Heron Books link is just to their web site, but CD baby should at least take you to iTunes, where you can buy the CD. If you just search Wanda Stride in the itunes browser, you should find the new CD and links to CDs by Poor Tom (the duo I used to be half of).

      We love it when Robert comes back home – he can play anything, and everything sounds gorgeous. Please say hi to him for me!

      All the best

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