Wanda Stride

Three more sleeps!

Three more sleeps!

Three more sleeps!

Three more sleeps!

I’m just home from an overnight retreat at Loretto Maryholme, to celebrate my husband John’s 50th birthday. This is one of those thin places, where you can sit on the screened in porch of a cabin and watch ducks and geese scramble to build and protect nests, listen to loons cry out in the distance, all the while aware of the whine and clank of a garbage truck and the neighbouring school’s recess bell. I think we all have our feet in two worlds, and that’s exactly where we should be as Christians.

This coming weekend we will have our entire being in two worlds! During the day we will be sitting, singing, worshiping, making decisions as the court of Bay of Quinte Conference, gathered in Napanee.

But in the early mornings… that’s when we can appreciate the beauty of where we are, take a moment to move our bodies and souls in nature.

Saturday morning 7:00 please plan to share a sunrise service with Betty Maracle from Tyendinaga Territory. It’s a short walk from Trinity United Church, where most of our events will happen. The address of Napanee Conservation Park is 10 Pearl Street. If you think standing for more than an hour will be difficult, please feel free to bring a folding chair. This will happen rain or shine.

Sunday morning, 6:30, please bring your running shoes! I’m planning a half hour route from Trinity United Church, and I’m hoping you will join me, either running or walking. (please note that my run is still not fast!!!). This will happen rain or shine.

I’m hoping this Sunday morning run will be a great pre-event to the Alvin Dixon Memorial Run to be held at General Council in Oshawa, July 22 2018. Check out the web site here. If you aren’t coming to General Council you can run in your own community and still support this amazing cause. Residential School survivor, Alvin Dixon was an important voice in the United Church until his death in 2014. The Alvin Dixon Memorial Bursary Fund supports indigenous education.

So… I will see you in three more sleeps! Thursday night is the Rural Life Barbecue, 2478 County Road 8 just south of Napanee. Many of you will arrive Friday morning… either way, traveling blessings, and may you find yourselves surrounded by hope, beauty and strength as we gather together for what may be the last annual meeting of Bay of Quinte Conference.

Yours in Christ,

Rev. Wanda Stride

2 thoughts on “Three more sleeps!

  1. Jan Hannon

    Wanda… please express my profound appreciation to the Worship Team, musicians, and to you for the blessings of worship that abounded throughout CAM 2018. The weekend was my most memorable annual meeting overall in 18 years as a lay Presbytery rep, either in BofQ or Toronto Conf. My soul was nourished and my heart strengthened for the days to come.

    1. wanda_admin Post author

      It will be my pleasure to convey this message! And thank you Jan. It was an important meeting, and we had a talented, faithful team leading! From the worship people, business table, sound and video… we were blessed! The video and audio recordings should be available soon.

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