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We go good together

We go good together

We go good together

Like goodbye goes with September
Good love goes with forever
We go, we go, we go, we go good together
We go good together
– Juno nominated James Barker Band

Could the answers have been in country music all along?

This has been a week of meetings – two days at church house in Etobicoke, and Thursday morning I was on Highway 401 again heading to Napanee for a conference annual meeting planning session. Bopping along to the Juno nominations playlist on Apple Music, and suddenly I see “James Barker Band” on the screen.

James Barker visits his home school, Woodville Elementary School.

James Barker Band! Woodville’s home grown at the Juno Awards!

So while I’m giving a shout-out to Woodville, I also need to ask you to watch for Ben Donnelly at the Olympics over the next couple of weeks, son of Rev. Craig Donnelly of Cambridge Street United Church, Lindsay Ontario. A young speed skating sensation with roots right here in Bay of Quinte Conference!

Are you feeling connected yet? We are everywhere – our sphere of relationship expands into places that we can’t even name, and we celebrate and are celebrated by people across this planet.

I think that’s a good perspective to have when we are in the midst of sweeping change across the church – or not. Our worries about church courts and councils have consumed some of us. This week we learned just how tiny and specific some of our worlds have become as we tackle gargantuan tasks! But you know what theme emerged from all of it? Yup. We go good together.

With the new funding model, church wealth can be distributed across the country in a more equitable way… We are now connected and reliant on each others’ vitality to carry out God’s mission in this country… We may be sharing staff and executive ministers across regions…

Our church is looking more and more relational, with next door neighbours clustering, sharing with our neighbouring regions, across the country, and even across the globe.

Pastor Miguel Tomás leads worship in Mercedes Umaña, El Salvador during a visit from Bay of Quinte church members.

As I write this blog I’m just home from a snowy drive (yes, along the 401 again) as 37 of us gathered to talk about our upcoming trip to El Salvador. We developed new relationships today, grateful to meet the people who will share our lives over March Break. And we learned about the people we will meet when we arrive in that tiny, Central American country. Lots of anticipation, excitement for those of us who are returning, maybe even a little anxiety for those who aren’t sure what to expect… but this much we know: this group that met today? We go good together. As global partners, learning about faith, mission and justice, we go good with Emmanuel Baptist Church in San Salvador.

Thank you James Barker band for putting it all in perspective. This is why we are church! We go good together, when Christ is always at the centre.

This much we know.

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